PyLink IRC Services (2015-)

PyLink is an extensible, plugin-based IRC services package written in Python. Some of its features include server-side relay, ACL management, and vHost setting with optional enforcement.

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Packaging for Debian and Ubuntu (2015-)

Since 2015, I've worked on several packages in Debian and Ubuntu, two well-known Linux operating systems.

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Limnoria IRC Bot (2013-)

I actively contribute to Limnoria, a popular and robust IRC bot. I also maintain a set of unofficial plugins, including DDG (DuckDuckGo web search), LastFM, and Weather.

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Variety Wallpaper Changer (2016-)

Variety is a wallpaper manager for Linux desktops, supporting numerous desktop environments. I maintain the official Variety packages for Debian and Ubuntu, and contribute code and bug tracking efforts.

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exe-thumbnailer (2016-)

exe-thumbnailer is a thumbnailer for Windows executable files (.exe, .dll, .msi, .lnk) on Linux systems. I co-maintain upstream as well as the packages for Debian and Ubuntu.


FileInsight (2016-)

FileInsight is a Qt-based file type identifier via libmagic (i.e. what powers the file command) and other backends. It is cross-platform and runs on both Windows and Linux.

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Past Stuff

ruby-relay (2014-2015)

An IRC relay bot using the cinch framework. Source

ROBLOX Linux Wrapper (2015)

Wrapper to install and run ROBLOX using Wine (no longer functional as of 2017). Source